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About Impuls-D

The Company Impulse-D was founded in 2007. Since its formation the main strategy of the company work has been complex electric installation service provisioning for corporate clients that is execution of overall operations: designing, complete package of essential documents, electric outfit of buildings, constructions and areas, installation of star-up work onsite.

The company Impulse-D works only with the corporate clients having all essential licenses and allowances, staff of highly knowledgeable specialists. Monotechnics, the essential experience and professionalism give an opportunity to insure all works of high quality and safety.

  1. Turnkey works
    Our company provides a full range of turnkey complexity complete package services for electric outfit of building, constructions and areas:
    • electric network designing
      fulfillment of the all service for inner and external systems of power supply and electric network;
    • electric installation work
      full electric outfit of buildings, constructions and areas, connection of equipment and apparatus;
    • balancing and commissioning
      package of measures for test operation, setting, examination of installed equipment by expert laboratory;
    • electrical facilities delivery
      complete provision of the electrical mounting objects by required equipment and materials.
  2. Precision workmanship
    We've successfully completed a lot of megaprojects and have prepared the command of good workmen. The quality and safety the work executed are confirmed through the uninterrupted operation of networks mounted by us and also through the positive reviews of the company clients.
  3. The shortest time
    The designing, electric and adjustment works are strictly fulfilled according to the terms regulated and approved by both sides. The reception of the substantial completion certificate takes the shortest time as the company Impulse-D guarantees the full conformity of the approved project of the object electric equipping and the complete work on actual basis.
  4. The clear tariff
    The all cost estimates for the designing network service, electric installation work and equipment delivery are initially approved by the clients that allows to make clear and rational budget for the electric outfit of buildings and constructions.
  5. Individual attention
    Impulse-D finds the individual attention to the housing development, the industrial building or the hypermarket.

The presence of all essential licenses and allowances, the great work experience with the corporate clients, staff of the high qualified specialists, the exact abidance by the schedules and cost estimates maintained give us an opportunity to guarantee the highest quality of the works and services, reliable and uninterrupted operation of networks and equipments mounted by us.

Our company provides guarantees for the all work done and also realizes the complex servicing.

A score of our clients've had time to estimate the all advantages of our combined cooperation among them are the works on the large housing developments, office buildings, hypermarkets and industrial warehouse terminals.